Summer is Here

Summer is here and that means more gardening and due to school being out, less time for things like blogging. My daughter’s theater workshop is only three hours and it goes by fast.
The picture above shows me carrying a bag of coffee grounds from Starbucks to use in my garden. My plants seem to like coffee and it makes for a pretty ground cover too.

I found the white beaded handbag at Goodwill last week. The timing could not have been more perfect since it had recently been placed amongst boring old wallets and cheap makeup bags. The only thing missing were choir voices playing when I first laid eyes on this lovely thing.

This is the old and cranky but cute tiny kitty that lives in the thrift store I frequent. She was actually sweet the other day, following me around and meowing from time to time.

The other morning while rushing out the door we ran into this Banana Slug. As a kid I thought they were creepy but I think they’re kind of cute now.

In the first picture I’m wearing an older Anthropologie necklace with green and purple beads that was fun to wear with my purple maxi skirt and green J.Crew cardigan.
One of the nice things about maxi skirts is they look cute with printed tees, so shirts that I had lost interest in now have new life.
This shirt with the pink flower is a Liz Claiborne from the year Isaac Mizrahi designed, before he went on to QVC.