Lucky Yard Sale Day

Since I live in a casual town, I feel like something dressy has to go when I dress up nicely.  I love clothes and costume jewelry, so that would leave shoes out of the exciting category.  I recently wore this 50’s style dress from ModCloth with an older pair of espadrilles.  They look funky in the picture but they are cute and comfortable on hot summer days.

Although this print is sold out, if you like a nice 50’s silhouette, Emily and Fin styles are a great way to go.  They are always coming out with cute prints, so it’s a good idea to check ModCloth’s new arrivals frequently. 

am awful at arriving to garage, yard, flea market sales at a decent hour.  With this particular yard sale, the advertisement stated that it went until 1:00 and I sauntered in at about 1:15 or so. 
Luckily the lady was sitting outside talking with family members and had lost track of time.  To top it off, for me at least, I was the only one interested in vintage who had stopped by. 

Along with the necklace, I ended up buying two dresses and a skirt that I will show at a later date.