Cynthia Rowley Maxi

I bought this Cynthia Rowley skirt at Marshalls a few weeks back and I’m loving it. Because of the length and the fact that I’m about 5 foot 4, I do have to pull up the waist band and roll it a few times.
It actually looks better in real life and what sold me on this was the pinks and greys. I have noticed that it’s hard to find Maxis in pink tones, especially lighter pinks.

I wore this Haskell necklace from Macys to bring out the pink. To add even more pink, I brought out my older corduroy jackets from Tulle after being stored away in my closet.

Although I love the jean jacket look with Maxi lengths and other styles, I’m just not a denim jacket kind of gal. I own a classic Levi one that I’m saving for when my daughter can fit into it. The compromise for a more rugged jacket look came when I bought this pink Tulle utility jacket from Ross more than ten years ago. It was an impulse buy but I was sold on the pink and soon found myself wearing it with jeans a lot.

Now that I want that jean jacket look over my maxi skirts, I have now brought out these jackets. I have one in mint green and a second larger pink one found at Goodwill.

I use a lot of shopping willpower when it comes to ModCloth. I had this, “Fun for the Books” cat skirt on my wishlist but never got around to buying it because the price was too high for an unlined cotton skirt.
Well, it popped back and I got an E-mail from ModCloth saying that it was now back in stock.

This is how I am justifying this purchase. I never pursued the J.Crew library skirt from the mid-2000’s and I missed out on the Tommy Hilfiger book print shirt dress from last year.

Even though I just received it today, it already says that it’s sold out. However, ModCloth is doing that great thing where if there is a great demand they will re-order. Just click your size and the “I need it” button and hope for the best.
Just to be clear, I’m not affiliated with them.

I found this vintage cardigan today at one of my favorite consignment stores for $17 and it’s in perfect vintage condition. Although I want to cut back on shopping, I think certain vintage purchases are OK.

I am thinking about letting my grey hair come in out of curiosity. I love the grey hair trend with the younger ladies, especially when they add a candy color. However, at my age it does add about ten years which I don’t want.
It’s going to be hard not to color my hair the bronze shade I love, but I will see how long I can go.