Funny French Bulldog Sweater

I found this funny Jaclyn Smith sweater last week at Kmart and my mind went to J.Crew. Then I noticed the price of $4 and thought I couldn’t go wrong with this impulse buy. If anything, I could use it as a sweatshirt.

This morning I thought it looked cute with colorful jeans but as the day wore on, I had some doubts. I do think this sweater is fine with jeans but I’m wondering if a Maxi skirt is a better choice.

Interesting tidbit. I found out that this Bulldog on the sweater was inspired by Jaclyn Smith’s daughter’s dog.

I thought it would be fun to wear a cat scarf with a dog sweater. I can’t remember where I bought this but I’m guessing Macys.

I have a box of scarves that I never wear because they are such a pain to tie. This is why I love Eternity scarves because you do a quick twist, over the head, repeat and then you’re done.

I just found out after calling Bath and Body Works that this incredible hand soap is no where to be found. If you love carrots, this truly smells like carrots with brown sugar.

During one of their big sales in the Fall, I bought a handful of soaps and I purchased two bottles of the carrot. Because the carrots remind me of Easter, I recently opened this flavor and fell in love. Hopefully they bring this one back.

It’s raining Peeps! Peeps are so popular that they now come in jumbo size packaging. Now I’m starting to crave the chocolate dipped ones.

I love this Target Merona Maxi skirt that I bought for $20. I thought that price was good but I noticed that they are currently running a buy one get one 50% off clothing. The website also carries this skirt in a mint green.

Last month for my daughter’s birthday party, I wanted to be comfortable hosting four girls for a night of Monster High movies, pizza and Karaoke. At the same time I wanted to look nice, so the maxi came in handy with my Anthropologie fruit tee and necklace and a J.Crew cardigan.
Now I need to try the Bulldog sweater with this skirt.