My Xanadu Lisa Rinna Skirt

With my continued fun adventure of Maxi skirt hunting, I recently purchased some Lisa Rinna skirts from QVC. This one in particular is not a Maxi, but it has a nice long drape to it.

This skirt is called the Sharkbite Hem skirt, but I’m calling it my Xanadu skirt. Anytime I see an asymmetrical hem, I think of Olivia Newton John’s costume in Xanadu. I’m also reminded of Disco skirts from the late 70’s.

I was first irritated that my older Target tee was bunched up in this picture, but then I realized that it was OK since I prefer to have my blog be realistic. Although I am human and can at times feel a little jealous of the blogger’s who look like they stepped out of a magazine, that’s not me. I may be the only blogger who has ever posed in Anthropologie while standing in front of my new septic tank.

I think this outfit complimented both the navy Rodo and cat Enid Collins handbags.  

I found this very pretty navy Rodo handbag at Goodwill and I’m not sure if it’s vintage or a fake. I still like it regardless since I love wicker handbags.

I haven’t decided if I want to buy this cute Target Mossimo shirt or not. It looks like an Anthropologie style but with a generous price of $17. I wish it came in more colors other than cream and black. Dark green or rust would be perfect.